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BCAPBuilding Codes Assistance Project
BCAPBiomass Crop Assistance Program
BCAPBitcomet Acceleration Patch
BCAPBandwidth Allocation Control Protocol
BCAPBrightcloud Application Protocol
BCAPBoulder County AIDS Project
BCAPBritish Code of Advertising Practice
BCAPBroadband Cable Association of Pennsylvania (formerly Pennsylvania Cable & Telecommunications Association)
BCAPBond Cap Allocation Program (Washington)
BCAPBMD (Ballistic Missile Defense) CRD (Capstone Requirements Document) Analysis Plan (Missile Defense Agency)
BCAPBase Capability Acquisition Plan
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Simplified thermal comfort evaluation of MRT gradients and power consumption predicted with the BCAP methodology.
BCAP has allocated $15 million for the project area, which covers 39 counties in western Missouri and eastern Kansas.
The Biomass Crop Assistance Program, or BCAP, which was quietly put into the 2008 federal farm bill, has so far given away more than a half billion dollars in a matching payment program for businesses that cut and collect biomass from national forests and Bureau of Land Management lands.
A spokesman for BCAP said there had never been rules banning non-profit sexual advice services buying commercial space.
Cities and states can demonstrate their commitment to energy-efficient buildings and gain recognition from BCAP by adopting the recent versions of the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) and ASHRAE Standard 90.
BCAP has already begun to provide matching payments to individuals delivering biomass for the collection, harvest, storage, and transportation of biomass to eligible biomass conversion facilities.
Selectmen said residents who want to volunteer on the BCAP or who are experiencing audio difficulty with Channel 12 broadcasts should write to BCAP, Town Hall, 6 Central St.
The Ladbrokes ad, which has not been banned, was submitted to and approved by BCAP, spokesman Ciaran O'Brien said yesterday.
Two of the surplus series, BCAP and BSA, also have unit roots.
The generic title BCAP encompasses the range of activities devoted to enhancing Billiton's financial efficiency, and hence its return on equity.
Alfrancis Chua, president of the Basketball Coaches Association of the Philippines (BCAP), said the other day that they will oppose Baldwin's appointment in the same way that the BCAP had opposed other attempts by foreigners to coach in the PBA and other collegiate leagues.