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BCAPBuilding Codes Assistance Project
BCAPBiomass Crop Assistance Program
BCAPBoulder County AIDS Project
BCAPBritish Code of Advertising Practice
BCAPBroadband Cable Association of Pennsylvania (formerly Pennsylvania Cable & Telecommunications Association)
BCAPBMD (Ballistic Missile Defense) CRD (Capstone Requirements Document) Analysis Plan (Missile Defense Agency)
BCAPBase Capability Acquisition Plan
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The interest rate and the measures BCAP and BSA are I(1) and are entered in difference form, while RC is I(0) and is entered in levels.
Eligible farmers, ranchers or foresters participating in BCAP received a payment to partially offset the cost of harvesting and delivering forest or agricultural residues to a qualified energy facility.
Several of the firms interviewed participated in BCAP, and they provided insight into the effectiveness of this program.
Land in USDA's Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) is not allowed in the BCAP program.
Revised by the USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA), the BCAP rule now protects existing markets for hardwood and softwood chips, stating "eligible materials may not qualify for matching payments for BCAP purposes if USDA determines that in those distinct localities that the materials are used for pre-existing markets.
It is expected that BCAP will be reinstated later this fall and that the full matching payments of up to $45/BDT may target facilities converting biomass to cellulosic ethanol, new facilities and plants that convert from fossil fuels to biomass fuel.
The Report, published monthly by RISI, the leading information provider for the global forest products industry, has reported since the program's inception last year on the concern among traditional forest products players that BCAP would drive up prices for composite panel furnish, OSB raw material, pulpwood and even some low-grade sawlogs.
The proposals from BCAP said: "Because it considers that women who are or might be pregnant and are considering abortion merit specific protection under the BCAP Code, BCAP proposes to include a rule on advertisements for post-conception pregnancy advice services.
Responding to its calls for a 9pm watershed for alcohol adverts, a spokesman for the Broadcast Committee of Advertising Practice (BCAP), said: "At this time BCAP is not considering a change to its alcohol codes, including the rules on where and when in the schedules alcohol ads may appear.
Gambling Commission chairman Peter Dean said: "We welcome the industry code alongside the CAP and BCAP codes.
The new roles represent a significant shift in the regulatory goalposts," said BCAP secretary Roger Wisbey.
The work presented here is obtained using the BCAP program that was developed during ASHRAE research projects 657 and 907 and improved upon in ASHRAE research project 1162 to incorporate a user-defined fenestration system