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Mike Hodge - CEO of BCAST explains: "Our goal is to leverage the coming convergence of 5G broadband and block-chain distributed 'edge' computing/CDN to become a destination content portal for virtual reality, augmented reality and 360 video delivered to web, mobile devices and VR headsets.
Mike Hodge - CEO of BCAST explains: "We have always been intrigued with the popularity of Vine and we were puzzled when Twitter announced its decision to close it down and as such we elected to step in with the addition of a functionality very similar, not as a stand alone app but as a feature within the BCAST mobile application and as a category on the web properties.
The BCAST platform provides a robust set of features that will allow us to increase our reach to the veterans we serve and those individuals looking to support deserving organizations like ours.
Communications solutions provider Alcatel-Lucent (Euronext Paris:ALU) (NYSE:ALU) announced on Wednesday (20 August) its support for the world's first commercial trial of the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA)'s new BCAST Smartcard Profile, an emerging standard for Mobile TV content protection.
Imagine an immobile disabled Veteran using a VR headset and BCAST being able to view live motorcycle racing, skiing, sky diving, mountain climbing, etc as if they were there.
A startup that allows viewers to develop channels and air their own live streaming videos at any time, BCAST, will soon introduce a new social media personal broadcasting platform later this summer that uniquely offers a point-of-view (POV) broadcasting capability that can be distributed to and from mobile devices, the Internet and TV.
BCAST is a mobile social broadcasting platform which provides "live" broadcasting capabilities to and from mobile devices, the web and smart TV's and because of its unique streaming features is emerging as THE platform in sports/action live streaming.
The purpose of the move is to position BCAST more competitively for state, local and federal programs that have recently emerged that wish to take advantage of next generation mobile live streaming and to provide a more appropriate cloud computing environment for the debut this Spring of BCAST's mobile Safety Feature.
com)-- Live Streaming Platform BCAST to debut Safe-Stream Feature to add "Personal Safety Broadcasting.
com)-- Reston, Virginia based BCAST, a social media live streaming platform set to transform how individuals access live sports, events and news and celebrities, today announced that the BCAST and the Northern Virginia Volleyball Association (NVVA) have joined forces in a partnership that will be live streaming volleyball events to mobile devices, the web and smart TV's using the BCAST platform.