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Viaccess's Conditional Access System dedicated to OMA BCAST Smartcard Profile standard handsets provides enhanced security and security management, thus reducing SIM management costs for Mobile Operators.
Viaccess, a France Telecom company, leader in conditional access announces a partnership with LG Electronics, Enensys, Expway and Sagem Orga to secure access to mobile broadcast TV based on the OMA BCAST SmartCard Profile Standard.
A startup that allows viewers to develop channels and air their own live streaming videos at any time, BCAST, will soon introduce a new social media personal broadcasting platform later this summer that uniquely offers a point-of-view (POV) broadcasting capability that can be distributed to and from mobile devices, the Internet and TV.
The end-to-end CoreMedia/Discretix solution also supports the OMA BCAST DRM Profile and the DVB-H CBMS 18Crypt DRM profile.
CoreMedia's Mobile TV IOP Test Box solution is capable of the BCAST service guide for interoperability testing, a standard set and currently developed and tested by the "Broadcast Mobile Convergence Forum" (bmcoforum, Hall2).
com/3755815 BCAST VISUALS: -- Commentary from Jay Herratti, CEO of Citysearch, and Dinesh Moorjani, SVP, Citysearch Mobile Division -- Footage of Facebook Connect integration and Mobile by Citysearch, including the iPhone application -- Citysearch top market home pages -- Citysearch merchant videos -- Hyper-local neighborhood search experience *Compete.
OMA BCAST is a globally recognized standard for mobile TV designed to ease the integration of an end-to-end mobile television system.
Viaccess CEO FranEaA*ois Moreau de Saint Martin says : << OMA BCAST Smartcard profile has been recommended by all the industries to be the unified standard used for Mobile TV broadcast.
The Client supports the standard conditional access (CA) schemes defined by OMA BCAST SmartCard and DRM profiles and DVB-H IPDC 18Crypt.
Youth drum corps will lead the walkers at the start WHERE: Exposition Park 700 Exposition Park Drive, Los Angeles BCAST VISUALS: -- Opening remarks and ceremonies -- Drum corps leading walkers down Figueroa Street -- Many participants to hold signs of a homeless person or loved one, in whose name they are walking -- Two large murals will mark the walk finale, displaying artwork from both homeless and formerly homeless Los Angeles residents -- Interviews with local and state officials (see list) as well as individuals and families that have benefited from 2007 HomeWalk proceeds CONTACT: For more information, contact Jennifer Conway at 978.
PARIS, September 22 /PRNewswire/ -- - The Five Companies Launch a Ready to Deploy End to End System Offer Based on the OMA BCAST SmartCard Profile Standard (SCP) Handsets Encompassing all Major Systems Required to Deploy a Mobile TV Services