BCBLBody Cavity-Based Lymphoma (cancer)
BCBLBattle Command Battle Laboratory
BCBLBangladesh Commerce Bank Ltd.
BCBLBattle Command Battle Library
BCBLBermuda Contract Bridge League
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Speaking on the occasion, Arun Jain, Chairman & CEO, Polaris Software, said: "I admire the foresight of Sonali Bank and BCBL to set up such an innovative business model, which will enable Polaris to present its cutting edge solutions to the emerging Bangladesh market.
The study plan identified three study issues of which the BCBL (G) Map Exercise only considered the first; "How does the UA successfully execute the operational concept?
The three TRADOC EEA's considered by the BCBL (G) MAPEX were "How does C4ISR enable the UA?
0 Caspian Sea scenario were used for the BCBL (G) MAPEX.
The BCBL (G) main effort was to attack the network issue for the first time in the UA CEP process.
The Network MAPEX was an integrated Signal Center effort as the BCBL (G) invited SIGCEN subject matter experts from the Directorate of Combat Developments and the SIGCEN TRADOC Systems Managers.
The BCBL (G) staff data collectors captured all of the data collection efforts and the restated insights were compiled into a final Network MAPEX Insight report.