BCBSMTBlue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana
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BCBSMT employees and their families will have unlimited access to Health Advocate's trained staff of Personal Health Advocates, who will help members more easily navigate the healthcare system by providing assistance with a wide range of medical and administrative issues.
BCBSMT Financial Systems Director Betty Hibbert said the insurer had been looking for a total ERP solution not only to update its financial operation, but also to eliminate the need for different technology interfaces that currently separate various operational functions.
BCBSMT originally implemented the RightNow solution to better service the growing number of its 280,000 customers with answers to their most common questions 24 hours a day, seven days a week via its primary member site, http://www.
As the largest healthcare payer organization operating in Montana, we view the reduction of operational costs as vital to our ability to cost- effectively offer services to as many Montanans as possible," said Dick Lindeman, director of information technology for BCBSMT.
The complete, unified SeeBeyond solution will clearly allow BCBSMT to take advantage of opportunities to improve business operations and drive rapid return on investment through seamless application integration, while enabling dynamic B2B connectivity," said Rick Yearry, Summit Data Center, BCBSMT.
BCBSMT plans to significantly reduce the paper intensive and highly administrative task of processing enrollment information by using the webMethods integration platform to connect its enterprise systems with the human resource management systems at employers' sites.
Today, BCBSMT serves more than 288,000 members and 140,000 Medicare beneficiaries.
This alliance, once it receives regulatory approval, will bring together HCSC and BCBSMT in a business combination of dedicated people, best practices, innovative technology, and other assets to advance health care excellence in the state of Montana.
The new state-of-the-art software system will provide BCBSMT with technology resulting in "one-and-done" calls, which means more customer inquiries will be resolved on the first call.
As the torch of leadership is passed from Sherry to Mike, the people of Montana can have confidence BCBSMT will continue to provide the highest quality, most affordable health care benefits and services available in Montana.
As BCBSMT wants to focus on their continued service to group customers by providing user-friendly tools, and with service being such a critical component to remaining competitive in the healthcare marketplace, a smooth enrollment process is the first step to ensuring agents and new members are satisfied with their enrollment experience.
More importantly, ParadigmHealth has registered nurses across the United States, so BCBSMT can offer on-site case management in any of the larger cities, such as Seattle, Denver, or Salt Lake City, where our member's premature or critical babies might be transferred for neonatal intensive care.