BCBSMTBlue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana
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Already performing at high levels of service, and recently awarded the Superior Service Award for its Federal Employees Program by the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, BCBSMT is committed to bringing continual value to its customers.
Pega's technology will enable us to set new standards for service excellence for all BCBSMT customers, including members, providers, and sales brokers", said Sheila Shapiro, BCBSMT's Chief Operating Officer.
The state-of-the art technology will enable BCBSMT customer service representatives to complete complex requests in a timely manner with increased efficiency.
The integration between eEnrollment and eBilling gives carriers, such as BCBSMT, the ability to ease coordination between enrollment records and billing membership rosters while enhancing their customer service and competitive advantage.
More importantly, ParadigmHealth has registered nurses across the United States, so BCBSMT can offer on-site case management in any of the larger cities, such as Seattle, Denver, or Salt Lake City, where our member's premature or critical babies might be transferred for neonatal intensive care.
Under the agreement, ParadigmHealth works closely with BCBSMT members, their nurses, and attending physicians to promote superior medical outcomes for premature and medically complex newborns in Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs) and special care nurseries.
Over 1,700 licensed Montana physicians are BCBSMT providers.
Fifty-six hospitals, all critical access or rural hospitals, and over 2,100 allied health care professionals participate with BCBSMT to provide health care services in Montana.
BCBSMT Financial Systems Director Betty Hibbert said the insurer had been looking for a total ERP solution not only to update its financial operation, but also to eliminate the need for different technology interfaces that currently separate various operational functions.
The complete, unified SeeBeyond solution will clearly allow BCBSMT to take advantage of opportunities to improve business operations and drive rapid return on investment through seamless application integration, while enabling dynamic B2B connectivity," said Rick Yearry, Summit Data Center, BCBSMT.
BCBSMT is an independent, locally operated licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, a system of 46 independent Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans operating throughout the United States.
Today, BCBSMT serves more than 288,000 members and 140,000 Medicare beneficiaries.