BCBSMoBlue Cross and Blue Shield of Missouri
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BCBSMo will reduce the copayment for a prescription of Relenza and Tamiflu from the members' highest copay level to the members' lower middle copay.
BCBSMo was one of eight Best in Blue Award winners this year.
The relationship between ARCUS Financial Services, JPMorgan and BCBSMo will provide greater financial flexibility for individual consumers, employers, employees and their families to meet their increasing health and welfare needs in new, practical ways," said Denny Weinberg, CEO of ARCUS Enterprises.
BCBSMo is expanding the program to enable direct connectivity to select emergency rooms.
Through its Stepping Stones program, BCBSMo is working with African-American community and business leaders to reach out to the African-American community.
Many consumers will use PlanFinder to shop for a plan, then seek out the expertise provided by an independent agent," says Kathy Zorica, general manager, Consumer Services, BCBSMo.
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Missouri is pleased to be able to make the Medicare-approved prescription drug discount card available free of charge," said Kathleen Zorica, BCBSMo general manager, consumer services.
BCBSMo launched the program after learning that significantly less than half our members with postpartum depression were receiving treatment, adds Dr.
With the acquisition of BCBSMo and HealthLink, WellPoint amended its method of membership reporting to be consistent across the Company as described in footnote (e) on the medical membership table included in this release.
Together, WellPoint and RightCHOICE plan to execute a growth strategy in the Midwest region that leverages both BCBSMo and HealthLink's growth potential, introduces innovative medical and specialty products, and increases market penetration.
BCBSMO holds the largest managed health care membership in the greater St.
BCBSMo is controlling shareholder of RightCHOICE, which owns and operates BCBSMo's managed care business.