BCBSNEBlue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska
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BCBSNE has historically maintained a very high level of capital and surplus, supported by both underwriting gains and stable investment income.
Despite its history of strong operating performance, during 2007 BCBSNE posted its first underwriting loss in five years.
In order to support the agility required in today's marketplace, BCBSNE is moving to an SOA.
Moving from a costly, monolithic architecture to a more flexible component-based, business service architecture will help BCBSNE continue to deliver the best health services possible," said Steve Grandfield, executive vice president of technology and service, and CIO of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska.
BCBSNE will rely on MDdatacor's patented and interoperable CareInformatixTM technology to automate the collection of clinical data from primary care physician practices' existing electronic medical record, practice management, lab and registry systems, as well as transcribed notes, which means that even physicians without electronic systems will be able to participate in the program.
MDdatacor's technology has resulted in demonstrated improvements in patient outcomes, and we will now bring that same value to BCBSNE," said Tim Roche, co-founder, president and chief executive officer of MDdatacor.
Since 2004, BCBSNE has used the Benefitfocus(R) eEnrollment tool (BluesEnroll) and Benefitfocus(R) eExchange to offer its large groups and their employees benefit enrollment and administration solutions.
Additionally, BCBSNE will use BluesEnroll for its insured groups and expects to begin rollout to those with 50 or more employees this year.
BCBSNE and HMONE operate in a favorable regulatory environment with no
By contracting with SeeBeyond, BCBSNE will be able meet the challenges of system migration, HIPAA, and eBusiness.
BCBSNE offers all its HMO products through HMONE and is expected to increase its focus on managed care during the next several years.