BCBSOBlue Cross/Blue Shield of Ohio (aka Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield)
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Regence BCBSO has experienced new enrollment due to an increase in sales and improved retention on its existing business, which has led to an overall growth of 3.
The Regence Group consists of Regence BCBSO, Regence BlueShield, Regence BCBSU and Regence BlueShield of Idaho.
Regence BCBSO faces stiff competition from national, regional and local health care companies, with the level of market share declining over the last couple of years.
HeartMasters will provide regular individualized status reports of high-risk patients to Regence BCBSO participating physicians.
Currently, 140 CTG and Regence BCBSO professionals, ranging from system engineers to project managers, are supporting Regence BCBSO's Y2K efforts.
Regence BCBSO and Regence HMO Oregon is the largest health benefits company in the state, with over 1 million subscribers and more than $1.
In McConocha, Jeffrey McConocha, president and 80% shareholder of ISDN, purchased group health insurance from BCBSO for himself and ISDN employees.
The master patient index was developed by STC to meet BCBSO specifications.
In addition, the affiliation with Cambia has enabled RBS, Asuris, LifeMap, Regence BCBSO, Regence BCBSUT and HealthWise to leverage corporate-wide services and achieve improved levels of efficiencies in technology and product design that resulted in a lower administrative expense ratio for all affiliates in 2011.
The ratings of RBS, Asuris and Regence BCBSO recognize their strong RBC, improved earnings and affiliation with TRG.
The ratings of Regence BCBSO reflect the strength in its market position, membership gains in government-sponsored programs, improvement in capitalization and the Plan's affiliation with The Regence Group.
The ratings of Regence BCBSO recognize the strength in its market position, membership gains in government sponsored programs and its affiliation with The Regence Group.