BCBSTBlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee (Headquartered in Chattanooga, TN)
BCBSTBrigade Command Battle Staff Training (program)
BCBSTBrigade Command and Battle Staff Training program
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During the study period, [approximately equal to] 3 million Tennessee residents were insured by BCBST, and 391 (0.
Five Lyme disease cases were identified in both BCBST and TDH data, 386 appeared in BCBST data only, and 19 appeared in TDH data only.
54 times the average cost of BCBST enrollee based on prior year utilization.
Kasteridis were employed at BCBST during the conduct of this research project and preparation of the manuscript, but they have since left the organization.
BCBST stayed the course with the same major revision of SalesLogix it started with, and Cooling says it was the right decision.
Andrea has been involved since day one, and is totally committed to the project," says Janet Adams, director of marketing administration at BCBST and Cooling's supervisor.
In fact, Adams says that Cooling was one of the major reasons that the brokers and other users at BCBST started to adopt the new system.
At present, more than 2,500 BCBST employees are connected to Facets running on our network.
The newly completed issue brief marks a milestone in the evolution of the BCBST Health Institute's work to explore health care issues in Tennessee.
Previous research by the BCBST Health Institute took a look at the effect of federal health care reform on Tennessee, its effect on access to care for Tennessee's minority population and its effect on prescription drug costs.
For instance, a population management data mart initiative at the two-million member BCBST is part of a broader foray into disease management, says Worthington.
Since April 1, BCBST has been notifying its primary care physicians statewide when it finds through claims-data analysis that it's clear that their BCBST patients aren't taking their medications or following their prescribed care plans.