BCBSTBlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee (Headquartered in Chattanooga, TN)
BCBSTBrigade Command Battle Staff Training (program)
BCBSTBrigade Command and Battle Staff Training program
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We used deterministic matching to identify persons in BCBST and TDH data.
Although many of these plans were combined with an HSA or an HRA, information on these companion financial instruments was not collected by BCBST.
BCBST identified 3,300 members eligible for the program, which is free to members, but only 150 members have enrolled so far.
The CDW will facilitate our organization's ability to analyze ever larger and more diverse data sets to provide the analytic insight we need to meet our members' needs and help better control the cost of health care in Tennessee," said Nick Coussoule, chief information officer, BCBST.
At present, more than 2,500 BCBST employees are connected to Facets running on our network.
The newly completed issue brief marks a milestone in the evolution of the BCBST Health Institute's work to explore health care issues in Tennessee.
For instance, a population management data mart initiative at the two-million member BCBST is part of a broader foray into disease management, says Worthington.
THF) is a 501(c)(3) foundation organized to promote the philanthropic mission of BCBST.
We are pleased that BCBST is CORE Phase II certified, as this will improve the flow of administrative information between us," said Jerry L.
The new 950,000-square-foot BCBST campus occupies the top of historic Cameron Hill in Chattanooga.
Duda explains it, "With this arrangement, we create a perceptual connection between the BCBST campus and downtown.