BCBSVTBlue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont
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By implementing the Coverage Example Calculator, BCBSVT was able to completely eliminate manual involvement in calculating payment amounts.
The VUE Coverage Example Calculator enhancement allowed BCBSVT to meet the federal mandate timeline for accurately displaying coverage example calculations on SBCs while providing a flexible platform for future growth.
As a result of this data cleanup and improved processing controls, BCBSVT has saved nearly half a million dollars.
Before it used VUE Compensation Management, BCBSVT paid brokers a percentage of insurance premiums, and as these premiums rose, commission payouts increased from $3 million to more than $10 million.
In addition, VUE Compensation Management has created a single data store for all broker information and has facilitated BCBSVT to disburse 85 percent of broker payments electronically.
BCBSVT utilizes SQL Server Reporting Services to provide comprehensive reporting and the intelligence needed to efficiently run their organization.
As part of this new seven-year, $36 million agreement, 53 ISAT employees will transition to Keane from BCBSVT.
Importantly, this move also provides BCBSVT access to the diverse resources of a professional business and technology consulting partner, enabling us to benefit from process and efficiency improvements that Keane's methodologies offer while containing IT expenditures.
We are pleased to expand our relationship with BCBSVT and welcome their employees to the ranks of Keane's 7,600 professional staff," said Tom Mechachonis, managing director, Keane's Northern New England office.
Keane has been working with BCBSVT since 2001, when it delivered an IT Assessment determining what would be needed to optimize and improve BCBSVT's Information Services and Technology environment, initiate strategic information planning, and review and support the Data Warehousing initiative.
The webMethods Integration Platform will leverage existing business processes for a smooth implementation and give BCBSVT the ability to optimize the company's investments in existing technology, like PowerMHS system, by integrating them on a common integration backbone.
With the webMethods Integration Platform, BCBSVT will have the potential to deliver to subscribers and relying parties with HIPAA transactions in real time.