BCCABritish Columbia Cancer Agency
BCCABaltic Sea Chambers of Commerce
BCCABrewery Collectibles Club of America
BCCABeer Can Collectors of America
BCCABelgian Construction Certification Association (Belgium)
BCCABritish Columbia Construction Association
BCCABlue Cross of California (insurance company)
BCCABlack College Communication Association
BCCABritish Correspondence Chess Association
BCCABaha'i Computer and Communication Association
BCCABritish Columbia Chiropractic Association (Canada)
BCCABritish Cyclo-Cross Association
BCCABroadcast Cable Credit Association, Inc. (Northfield, IL)
BCCABrick City Center for the Arts
BCCABasal Cell Cancer
BCCABoard Committee on Conformity Assessment (ANSI term)
BCCABolwell Car Club of Australia (Camperdown, NSW, Australia)
BCCABase Camp Coordination Agency
BCCABay County Civic Arena (Michigan)
BCCABournemouth Centre for Community Arts (UK)
BCCABritish Columbia Court of Appeal (British Columbia, Canada)
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Korbelik, a Senior Scientist at the BCCA and a Clinical Professor at the University of British Columbia, is a pioneer and leader in this area of research.
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The latter are needed to refine and ultimately define the former" (2000 BCCA 539, 193 D.
The suit alleges that, as part of the negotiations, MDI and the British Columbia Cancer Agency (BCCA), which originally developed a portion of the technologies, believe the officer knowingly negotiated below-market license fees from MonoGen, and knew at the time that BCCA had not given its consent for the MonoGen transactions.
BC (2005 BCCA 134), by a two-to-one decision, the British Columbia Court of Appeal found that nine sterilized plaintiffs were not barred by time to bring their action against three successive hospital superintendents.
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She is the Chair of the provincial Breast Tumor Group and Clinical Team Leader of the Advanced Therapeutics Department at the BCCA.
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