BCCCCBishops' Conference of the Catholic Church in China
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Even when action [by business] could address a pressing business need, such as developing and tapping a skilled workforce, reality trails behind rhetoric," says Barbara Dyer, president and CEO of the Hitachi Foundation, which cosponsored the survey with BCCCC.
In the BCCCC study, senior executives acknowledge that there's a growing distrust of large corporations in the U.
Anyone who can help the charity can contact BCCCC on 0121 544 2355.
BrownFlynn will be conducting a workshop session, "Citizenship Reporting: Making the Process Easier," at the BCCCC annual conference in Austin, Texas, from April 19--21, 2015.
Philip Mirvis, an organizational psychologist and Senior Research Fellow at the BCCCC, head a list of speakers who will talk on the state of CSR in USA, Europe and Asia.