BCCDCBritish Columbia Centre for Disease Control (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
BCCDCBritish Columbia Conservation Data Centre (Canada)
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For patients whose illness occurred before the surveillance system was initiated, isolates were sent to CDC or BCCDC at the time of illness; chart reviews and patient or family member interviews carried out at the time of illness were used to complete the case report forms.
In 2012, the BCCDC implemented the ISPP for a pilot period of 12 months.
In addition, two physicians from the Provincial STI Clinic located at the BCCDC enrolled in a more comprehensive training and preceptorship course related to HIV treatment.
Acknowledgements: We thank Devon Haag from the BC Centre for Disease Control for collecting and retrieving the BCCDC web analytics.
TST screening results may be incomplete, as some practitioners who treat HIV-infected patients may not uniformly report TST negative results to the BCCDC.
Collected mosquitoes were sent to the BCCDC PHMRL where they were sorted by gender, identified to the genus and/or species level, and pooled to a maximum of 50 mosquitoes per pool.
Positive test results from the BCCDC are sent to the National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, for confirmatory plaque reduction neutralization testing.
Although there are 89 LHAs in total, we collapsed the sub-areas comprising the municipalities of Vancouver and Surrey because each was represented by a single latitude and longitude coordinate in the BCCDC communities file.
Regardless, the BCCDC used these methods to provide rapid, data-driven, and evidence-based recommendations about trigger conditions for regional heat health emergencies, thereby enabling the implementation of already-existing emergency action plans to protect public health during any hot-weather events that might have occurred.
Correspondence: Sarah Henderson, BCCDC, 655 West 12th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V5Z 4R4, E-mail: sarah.
When a cluster of unexplained atypical pneumonia in China was reported almost simultaneously with reemergence of influenza A H5N1 in Hong Kong, BCCDC used this well-established communication network to issue an alert on February 20, 2003.