BCCEAButler County Child Enforcement Agency (Ohio, USA)
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Bishop Johnson proposed submitting a resolution to the Social Credit convention but the BCCEA feared contact with the Socreds might suggest a division of purpose among Catholics.
Since only the CDP, which had no chance of winning, endorsed separate schools, the BCCEA polled all candidates about separate schools and recommended certain candidates.
Reiterating the archbishop's admonition that Catholics could vote as they pleased, the BC Catholic asserted that the ballots were only recommendations, were prepared by the BCCEA on its own, possibly recommended wrong choices as candidates sometimes contradicted earlier statements, and the BCCEA may have overlooked some candidates.
The BCCEA was delighted because that action indicated that Catholic schools were a provincial issue.
Because of that and distance, despite the efforts of the BCCEA to send speakers to interior points, Catholics outside greater Vancouver and southern Vancouver Island were only peripherally involved in the campaign.
Thus, the BCCEA had to spend much of its energy selling its cause to what should have been its natural constituency rather than cultivating support in the broader community.
The Maillardville strike and propaganda circulated by its Board and by the BCCEA publicized the plight of Catholic schools--even the BBC had a report (92)--but it was a failure.
94) The archbishop and bishops still lobbied cabinet ministers and the BCCEA continued with its work, particularly in the parishes, as it correctly anticipated that there would be another election within the year.
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