BCCFBritish Columbia Conservation Foundation (Canada)
BCCFBattle Creek Community Foundation (Michigan)
BCCFBaghdad Central Correctional Facility (aka Baghdad Central Confinement Facility or Abu Ghraib Prison)
BCCFBritish Columbia Council for Families (Canada)
BCCFBritish Columbia Cancer Foundation
BCCFBranigan Cultural Center Foundation
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As a collaborative and immersive educational project, BCCF aims to provide affordable, healthy and culturally appropriate food to Jane-Finch residents while also addressing the challenges facing this neighbourhood.
BCCF is run by Everdale, a not-for-profit farmer-training organization, in collaboration with FoodShare Toronto, Afri-Can Food Basket and Fresh City Farms.
One week after its grand opening, for example, BCCF hosted a Dismantling Racism workshop.
The workshop gave us the tools and the license to have that conversation at a staff level," says Gavin Dandy, a BCCF leader and executive director of Everdale.
The Dismantling Racism workshop also gave BCCF a framework for implementing organizational policies to ensure equity and fairness.
Building trust is indeed fundamental to the project's success, and the fact that the community has now rallied behind BCCF suggests that local residents recognize its value.
BCCF will be Installing an outdoor kitchen pavilion and oven, and has established a trail system through the wooded area that surrounds the farm.
To ensure the food grown at BCCF is available and accessible to community residents, produce is sold in a number of different ways.
The differential diagnosis of BCCF is metastatic choriocarcinoma to the breast.
1,6,10) Because BCCF is a rare tumor it is uncertain what chemotherapeutic regimen should be used for treatment.
At a June 2004 meeting of the BCCF, representatives from villages located throughout the five islands in BNP asked how the quality of the coral reefs has changed since the 2000 zonation plan was implemented.
Acronym Definition BCCF Bunaken Concerned Citizen's Forum BNP Bunaken National Park BNPMAB Bunaken National Park Management Advisory Board GIS Geographic Information Systems GPS Global Positioning System JICA Japan International Cooperation Agency MAB Management Advisory Board NGO Non-Government Organization NRM Natural Resources Management NSWA North Sulawesi Watersport Association PGIS Participatory Geographic Information Systems PPLH-SDA Pusat Penelitian Lingkungan Hidup dan Sumber Daya Alam UNSRAT Universitas Sam Ratulangi USAID United States Agency for International Development WWF World Wildlife Fund