BCCHBanco Central de Chile (Santiago, Chile)
BCCHBroadcast Control Channel
BCCHBlack-Capped Chickadee
BCCHBritish Chamber of Commerce in Hungary (est. 1991)
BCCHBritish Columbia Children's Hospital (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
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Sometime during the summer of 2008, positive pressure caps became a recommended practice for PICC lines at BCCH based on a widely accepted practice with the community vascular access programs.
In their example, BCCH had significant cultural and operational changes that influenced their PICU's adherence to the CLA-BSI bundles.
These sites were mostly riparian areas within an agricultural landscape and were chosen based on their proximity to Brewer's range interface, proximity to the boundaries of BCCH and CACH distributions based on Breeding Bird Survey maps (Sauer et al.
Collection of song at a site was initiated by the broadcast of a bait tape containing alternating bouts of typical CACH and BCCH songs from a hand-held cassette recorder (Sattler et al.
We recorded BCCH songs in March 2000 from areas >50 km northwest of areas where we had recorded chickadees singing aberrant or CACH songs; these songs constituted the BCCH parental sample for analysis purposes.
The DSC were developed using published characteristics of CACH and BCCH songs (Ward 1966, Ficken et al.
We established locations of hybrid zones based on one or more of the following: (1) presence of individuals singing CACH typical songs and individuals singing BCCH typical songs at the same site, (2) bilingual individuals, or (3) aberrant song types.
Both BCCH and CACH song types, and therefore likely both species, co-occurred in 15 counties in Illinois during the breeding season.
This song type begins with a two-note whistled phrase that has frequency characteristics of a typical BCCH song.
Brewer (1963) reported that CACH were present in winter and rarely during the breeding season in Champaign County, and that BCCH did not occur in Champaign County.
One population at Nolde Forest in Pennsylvania was composed of hybrids and only BCCH song types were present (Reudink et al.
CACH are typically dominant over BCCH and tend to be preferred as mates by females of both species.