BCCLSBergen County Cooperative Library System
BCCLSBritish Columbia Courthouse Library Society
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The next step for BCCLS was to reexamine cataloguing and processing requirements.
could BCCLS and suppliers work together in a win/win situation for improved discounts or reduced costs?
As the current process was already excellent and BCCLS already enjoyed effective relationships with the library suppliers, the sourcing strategy became direct negotiation with the contracted suppliers to work together on reducing costs.
BCCLS also was looking for evidence of future proofing, where suppliers were aware of, and responding to, changing formats and customer use patterns.
BCCLS is looking forward to implementing the new Unicorn web catalogue--iBistro, which offers a personalised interface to the library catalogue.
BCCLS has a program of internet training which in 1999 trained 5,000 people to search the internet, to set up an email account and to access information using the internet.
A practical example of such a partnership is the collaboration of BCCLS and the Brisbane Museum in developing and sponsoring a summer reading program for primary aged children with the theme of menageries.
The implementation of the BCCLS web catalogue, Bistro, will make it possible to refine the delivery of information in an affordable way.
BCCLS also recognised that this was an area where efficiencies could be achieved.
BCCLS has not yet moved to shelf ready periodicals, mainly because the Dynix serials module is not used.
Keeping professional skills in cataloguing and classifying information in house is an area BCCLS still needs to address