BCCTBritish Columbia College of Teachers
BCCTBucks County Courier Times (Bucks County, PA; newspaper)
BCCTBlue Collar Comedy Tour (movie)
BCCTBritish Chamber of Commerce in Turkey
BCCTBoard Certified Clinical Thermographer
BCCTBrick Children's Community Theater
BCCTBreak Control Command Transducer (NASA)
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58) The majority stated that the BCCT improperly denied accreditation to the TWU, as BCCT's concerns were not grounded on specific evidence.
In the statement, the chairman of the BCCT, Chris Gaunt, said the BCCT provides consultancy services for British small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that are interested in the Turkish market and added that more than 300 companies have contacted the BCCT for such services in the last year-and-a-half.
Second, the Court ruled against BCCT's position for lack of evidence of discriminatory, hateful conduct, the implication being that if a court henceforth found TWU graduates to act in a discriminatory fashion (whatever this means) toward or with respect to homosexuals, BCCT would have a case.
BCCT v TWU involved an application by TWU for certification of its teacher training program.
This amendment arose in response to two important court cases in which the BCCT was involved: one with the evangelical Christian Trinity Western University (TWU) and the other with the University of British Columbia (UBC).
98) In deciding not to accredit the Trinity Western University (TWU) program, the BCCT referred specifically to the contract of "Responsibilities of Membership in the Community of Trinity Western University", which teachers and students were expected to sign: TWU, supra note 51 at para 48.
While the Bills reinvigorated BCTF, they also ignited enduring BCTF resistance to the BCCT, and established a poorly thought-out teacher bargaining system that led to contentious, conflict-ridden negotiations, many and lengthy work stoppages, and claims of unfair pressure on local school boards to agree to unaffordable provisions.
Beard who paid a visit to the Aegean Chamber of Commerce (EBSO) said BCCT wanted introduce British businessmen with their Turkish counterparts.
Also objectionable to the BCCT--for whatever reason--was Kempling's claim that homosexuals constitute only two to three percent of the population (145)--as opposed ten percent, the figure claimed by Canada's chief homosexual-rights lobby and perpetuated by the BCCT.
BCCT refused the application largely on the basis of a Community Standards document.
Noting that Turkey and Britain enjoyed deepening business and investment ties, the BCCT Chairman said that British companies were attracted by Turkey s growth potential and strategic location.