BCDHBath Cats and Dogs Home (UK)
BCDHBeijing Chaoyang Diabetes Hospital (China)
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Blair Waycott, CEO of BCDH added, "Today's health-conscious parents easily recognize the benefits of a product labeled 'certified organic', and FDA-approved also puts us in a unique competitive position.
BCDH plans to leverage its management resources and status as a public entity to assist acquired companies to achieve and/or grow their profitability.
With this acquisition, BCDH not only benefits from Global Force's existing expertise and client base, but also will be the first-to-market the FDA-approved eco.
Upon the close of the acquisition, Global Force will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of BCDH.
There is no requirement for BCDH to issue stock or warrants to secure this arrangement, which protects our shareholders from any potential dilution.
Moving forward, corporate financials will begin to show a greater transparency to the shareholders and allow BCDH the opportunity to move up to bigger and better markets because of their growth and reporting compliance.
We forecast that these strategic moves will also open up several new avenues to capital and allow for substantial company growth," said Jeff Holroyd, BCDH President.
In a joint statement by the companies, CEO Jeff Holroyd of BCDH and President Michael Teague of bizM3, said, "Having informative weekly video updates on the business of bizM3 will allow current and future shareholders, investors, and clientele the ability to get a clear view, from a president's vantage point, exactly where bizM3 and BCDH are headed.
Michael Teague, president of bizM3, said, "We have received substantial financial and management support from BCDH which has helped us accelerate our time-to-market our digital signage solutions and mobile marketing promotions.
We anticipate it will provide greater transparency and liquidity for our shareholders, increase our access to capital, and attract a higher caliber of potential merger and acquisition targets," said Jeff Holroyd, BCDH President.
Once completed, Gruber & Company will assist BCDH in its plans to file for listing as a fully reporting company under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.