BCETBoard Certified Educational Therapist (Association of Educational Therapists)
BCETBest Case Execution Time
BCETB.C. Electrical Techniques, Ltd. (Buckinghamshire, England, UK)
BCETBeant College of Engineering and Technology (Gurdaspur, Punjab, India)
BCETBangalore College of Engineering Technology (India)
BCETBatten College of Engineering and Technology at Old Dominion University (Virginia)
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cereus isolated from diarrhoeal patients was not clonal in this region though the virulence gene profiles and expression of BCET was similar.
Connelly said BCET has encouraged the best and brightest teachers from Beaver County public, parochial and private schools to apply for mini-grants through its "Great Ideas" program.
Clements said NNDS is ramping up its commitments to organizations like BCET, because they emphasize the value of investing in students early.
Connelly said that, since the inception of "Great Ideas" in 1992, BCET has awarded 441 grants worth a total of nearly $250,000 to Beaver County teachers for projects ranging from after school math programs to musicals based on American history.
Clements said NNDS is redoubling its efforts to be of assistance to organizations like BCET, which focus on investing in children at an early age.
On the other hand, none of our isolates yielded any amplified product in bceT gene specific PCR using primer BceT1/BceT2 irrespective of annealing temperatures i.
The bceT gene was not been found in any of our isolates.
The bceT gene of Bacillus cereus encodes an enterotoxic protein.