BCFNBritish Columbia First Nation (Canada)
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On the day that Pope Francis underlined the urgent need for new rules to contrast the big food and nutrition contradictions of the modern world, the BCFN Foundation handed over the Protocol to the Italian premier with the hope that participating countries to Expo 2015 in Milan will sign up to a global food deal.
Guido Barilla, President of the BCFN Foundation, said: "Our hope is that Italian and international institutions will adopt the Protocol in order to underline the urgency of placing concrete measures at the core of political agendas to safeguard our future.
Gary Cypres, chairman of the board of BCFN, stated, "In view of the lack of interest by the company's stockholders, the company had made the decision to not reschedule the 2001 Annual Shareholders Meeting again.
are listed on the OTC Bulletin Board and trade under the symbols of HXPR and BCFN, respectively.