BCFPBureau of Consumer Financial Protection (Restoring American Financial Stability Act of 2010)
BCFPBrocade Certified Fabric Professional
BCFPBusiness Career Foundation Program (Boeing)
BCFPBonded Core Flat Point (bullet)
BCFPBoard-Certified Family Practitioner (various locations)
BCFPBacteria Colony Forming Particles (microbiology)
BCFPBitComet FLV Player (Flash video player)
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The Pentagon has weighed in on the issue, supporting the inclusion of auto dealers under the supervision of the BCFP and against the amendment over concern that many members of the military fall victim to the practices of predatory lenders.
Excluding any nondepository institution provider of financial products, including auto dealers, from the rules promulgated by the BCFP would defeat the purpose of creating the new consumer regulator, would put credit unions at a competitive disadvantage in the new regulatory regime, and could cause confusion for consumers of financial products," CUNA President/CEO Dan Mica wrote in the letter.
It seems that the real power of the BCFP may lie not only in the specific regulations, but also in the "vague" and vast power of Title X of the Dodd-Frank Bill.
Miller also surmises that Staff members may in fact be an integral part of the new BCFP, stating that their primary motivation is to "get it right" and that staff members are the "unsung heroes of Washington" whom also "understand science" and "don't care about getting votes".
The task now for our members is to work closely with the BCFP as the industry's chief federal regulator.
I hope the BCFP will recognise the strength of feeling among patients," Mr McGowan added.
How soon will the BCFP be formed and when can mortgage regulations be expected?