BCGABritish Compressed Gases Association
BCGABritish Columbia Golf Association (est. 1922; Richmond, British Columbia, Canada)
BCGABritish Cotton Growing Association (UK)
BCGABasin Centered Gas Accumulation
BCGABritish Columbia Geocaching Association (Canada)
BCGABinary Coded Genetic Algorithm
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Proven the existence of a BCGA in the Mako Trough of Hungary.
Martin Evans, chairman of the BCGA and MD of Freshgro, said: "We're seeing the results of our work to highlight the versatility of the carrot.
The work that BCGA carries out across the country has had an immeasurable impact on the lives of children and we are delighted to help that continue into their next hundred years.
The Journey for Health bike tour, sponsored in part by BCGA and the WellPoint Foundation, will stop by the Summit for an inspirational talk and presentation.
The primary purpose of the Delineation Wells was for these wells to serve as a benchmark in identifying the boundaries of the Basin Centered Gas Accumulation ("BCGA") and to aid the Company in understanding the mechanics of the BCGA system within the Mako Trough.
The BCGA acreage is not expected to alter radically as it represents the larger specialist producers which are growing to specific programmes," he said.
For each "Gold Ball" home run hit (when a batter has one "out" remaining), State Farm and MLB will combine to donate $17,000 to the BCGA.
Subject to further testing this depth will be considered to be the top of the BCGA at this location.
Falcon has recognized that in addition to tight reservoirs in a BCGA, there are likely other non- conventional reservoirs, including those involving adsorbed gas and natural fractures.
The Hungarian government's formal recognition that this BCGA is present in their country will enable Falcon to move forward with its drilling and development plan, and also will have significant benefits for Hungary, it's citizens and the region.
The Scotia Report focuses on Basin Centered Gas Accumulation ("BCGA") unconventional resources, and does not address any oil or gas resources that may occur in associated conventional or unconventional reservoirs outside of the BCGA.
This day for kids is another example of the many ways in which BCGA has enriched the lives of children across the country and we are proud to continue our work together through this program.