BCGEUBritish Columbia Government and Service Employees' Union (Canada)
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I am pleased that the BCGEU members and CLBC have voted in favour of this agreement, which recognizes the need to support vulnerable adults in B.
This has been a challenging round of negotiations given the government s restrictive bargaining mandate," said BCGEU president Darryl Walker.
The Accord provided that Bill 2, limiting the scope of matters BCGEU could bargain, would be eliminated; public sector unions could negotiate exemptions from Bill 3; there would be no striker reprisals; the millions in savings resulting from the teachers' strike would be retained for education; education funding would remain near 1983 levels; and advisory committees would be struck regarding human rights, tenancy and labour legislation.
The BCGEU has led a high-profile campaign to raise awareness about the Maximus contract.
Formed in January 2002, the csc united senior citizens, students, and anti-poverty activists with unionists from HEU, CUPE, BCGEU, and others.
In contrast, BCGEU and the International Union of Operating Engineers directed their members in the HSSFSBA to return to work.
Together, these stoppages represented the largest solidarity strike in the province since November 1983, when the BC Teachers' Federation [BCTF] had defied the law and the expectations of many onlookers by walking out as part of Operation Solidarity's planned escalation linked to support of the legally striking BCGEU.
Noting the leaked BCFL document and the many BCGEU staff at a May Day rally, one reported, "I knew by Saturday that we were in serious trouble.
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Because the maintenance contracts were broken up into 28 different units, the BCGEU feels that the government attempted to weaken it.