BCHRBahrain Centre for Human Rights
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BCHRBlack Chased Hard Rubber (early fountain pens)
BCHRBelgrade Center for Human Rights
BCHRBaker-Campbell-Hausdorff Relation
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Indeed the awarding of the Rafto prize to BCHR belittles the government's effort to address and promote human rights.
She accused the now-dissolved BCHR of being sectarian, flouting the universal principles of equality and justice for all.
The BCHR and the GCHR urged the United States, United Kingdom and European Union and human rights organisations to call for the immediate release of Rajab and other prisoners of conscience and for charges against them to be dropped.
The embassies attempted to contact BCHR but their repeated requests were ignored and Mr Rajab later denied these heinous acts had taken place.
BCHR has documented 4 cases of university students appearing before courts.
They reportedly worked with a group calling itself Witness Bahrain and established a website and Twitter accounts to promote the activities of the BCHR.
The comments made in June 2005 by Dr Al Jamri - a prominent figure in Bahrain's opposition movement - raise doubts about the activities of the BCHR and Mr Al Khawaja in particular.
The US decision is a step backwards in the efforts to improve the human rights situation in Bahrain," said Sayed Yousif al-Muhafdah, the vice president of the BCHR, in a statement issued on Saturday.
Reports have emerged of differences with BCHR president Nabeel Rajab, but the latter has denied a rift.
However, the BCHR reported that families of the detainees received calls from the prison suggesting that political inmates had been tortured and abused.
The BCHR said that Rajab called on mourners to "continue their struggle for rights and democracy," and argued his speech was a "peaceful expression of opinion.
ccording to a report, a member of Bahrain Centre for Human Rights (BCHR) identified as Sayed Yousif Almuhafda revealed that police had arrested Nabeel Rajab, the head of the BCHR, on his return from Beirut on Saturday.