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BCHSBaptist College of Health Sciences (Tennessee)
BCHSBarron Collier High School (Naples, Florida)
BCHSBear Creek High School (Colorado)
BCHSBrookfield Central High School (Wisconsin)
BCHSBishop Carroll High School
BCHSBristol Central High School
BCHSBay City High school (Bay City, TX)
BCHSBaker County High School (Glen St. Mary, FL)
BCHSBraxton County High School (West Virginia)
BCHSBourbon County High School (Kentucky)
BCHSBishop Chatard High School
BCHSBrooks Composite High School (Alberta, Canada)
BCHSBessemer City High School (North Carolina)
BCHSBert Church High School (Alberta, Canada)
BCHSBaltimore County Historical Society
BCHSBay County Historical Society (Bay City, Michigan)
BCHSBritish Columbia Historical Society (Canada)
BCHSBoulder City High School (Nevada)
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The BCHS Volunteer Association and the WHGH Volunteer Auxiliary will also remain independent organizations.
The social service administrator position also handles other job duties for BCHS.
BCHS offers Year 9 technology students the opportunity to take a GCSE in Product Design.
This letter survives in the BCHS archives as a typescript with the following information appended: date indistinguishable, but probably 25 April 1841, and postmarked at Stanstead, L.
The BCHS said the likely source of the transmission was cross-contamination in a syringe used to inject sedatives.
The official tender document from BCHS quoted an overall pounds 48,375 fee and the Bridge Group pounds 69,535 - a total cost of just under pounds 120,000 to the taxpayer.
This year's operating budget for the BCHS will be $155 million.
MODEL PUPILS: BCHS students show o+ their new uniform
After hearing that waits were too long, communication with patients and families needed improving, and there were too many managers to deal with, the BCHS came up with a new structure.
BCHS has been supporting co-operative housing, resident empowerment and community regeneration in the Midlands since the 1970s, and now owns around 100 co-operative homes directly and provides development and management services to 400 more.