BCIMBusiness, Computing and Information Management (London South Bank University; UK)
BCIMBangladesh, China, India and Myanmar
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Ambassador Rajeet Mitter, Former Indian High Commissioner to Bangladesh and Leader, BCIM Economic Corridor Joint Study Group highlighted the potential of the proposed BCIM Economic Corridor [BCIM-EC] linking Kolkata in India to Kunming in China through Bangladesh and Myanmar.
According to Ambassador Mitter, the BCIM - EC's sub-regional footprint traverses areas of relative underdevelopment, particularly the landlocked south western part of China and India's north eastern states, a distinct sub-region whose backwardness can be addressed not merely through national developmental programmes but through trans-national connectivity, economic integration and cross-border cooperation.
He pointed out that the BCIM would be India's first attempt at creating a transnational economic corridor and that the eastern and North Eastern Part of India will be at the heart of this process.
Addressing the participants, P K Rawat, Joint Secretary (East Asia), Ministry of External Affairs stated that the thought process for the BCIM Economic Corridor actually originated in the North East with thinkers such as B G Verghese writing about the idea while based in the the region.
Rallies like the BCIM highlight the importance of the north east as hub of trade and commerce and usher in a better relationship between India and other countries, which is the sole essence of Look East Policy and Vision 2020.
BCIM at the ISB will help organizations find answers to questions such as the gaps in a company's ability to innovate, assessing the required understanding to manage and mitigate risks associated with innovation and how to produce high value, high quality, strategic innovation at low cost.
The primary objective of the BCIM is to foster innovation and link it to operational excellence.
BCIM will focus on understanding and streamlining these knowledge processes through research.
The board will play an advisory and enabling role by providing research ideas that will assist the activities of BCIM to create maximum impact.