BCIRBarnett Continent Intestinal Reservoir (South Point Hospital)
BCIRBurkle Center for International Relations (Los Angeles, CA)
BCIRBinding Citizens Initiated Referendum (New Zealand)
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Freedom and Control are the hallmarks of the BCIR providing patients Freedom from wearing an external pouch, and Control over the evacuation of intestinal waste.
If you or someone you know is considering BCIR surgery, has a failed J pouch or a malfunctioning Kock pouch, let them know about Dr.
Schiller has always followed a practice style of being readily available to his patients, especially BCIR patients who need to have access to their surgeon on a long-term basis, even for medically unrelated issues.
The Company is also engaged in the business of developing their BCIR System technology that is used to recover chemical commodities from organic waste for a wide variety of industries including agriculture, food, oil and gas, paper, clothing and pharmaceuticals.
OTCBB:AGNI) enters the agricultural waste management industry with introduction of their new BCR (Bio-Conversion Reactor) System and BCIR (Bio-Chemical Integrated Recycling) System which provides new and innovative means for industrial and agricultural recycling.