BCLCBusiness Civic Leadership Center
BCLCBritish Columbia Lottery Corporation
BCLCBarcelona Clinic Liver Cancer
BCLCBreast Cancer Linkage Consortium
BCLCBuffalo Criminal Law Center (State University of New York at Buffalo School of Law)
BCLCBeyond Consequences, Logic and Control (Heather T. Forbes book)
BCLCBuggy Club de la Côte (French: Buggy Club of the Coast; Switzerland)
BCLCBadminton Club Le Chesnay (Le Chesnay, France)
BCLCBrigade Centrale de Lutte Contre la Corruption (French: Central Brigade for Combating Corruption)
BCLCBandwidth-Constrained Least-Cost (routing protocol)
BCLCBituminous Concrete Lip Curb
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Among the nine different key findings from the research, BCLC and CROA found that the characteristics that define a mature profession, such as an educational curriculum and a career pipeline, currently are lacking in the corporate responsibility (CR) profession.
We at BCLC believe that if companies could harness the power of networks, the positive impact, scale and reach of corporate responsibility, programs would be staggering.
1990] BCLC 844 (holding that a charge on subsidiary shares was floating despite the absence of regular turnover); In re ASRS Establishment Ltd.
We look forward to this expansive technology partnership with such a prestigious gaming company as BCLC, and to helping them enhance their player experience and operations.
If you are interested in donating to the Japan relief effort or would like to find a list of NGOs and other organizations working on the ground in Japan, BCLC recommends that you visit the InterAction website at www.
Transarterial Chemo-embolozation (TACE) is the standard palliative treatment for patients with BCLC stage B.
BCLC director Peter McDonald said: "This is animportantopportunity for the community and represents a real chance totransformtheeconomic prospects of the island.
This paralleled transition from a top-down public sector aid approach to a more localized partnership agenda coupled with the growing role of the private sector in delivering international aid, spurred BCLC to think about how and why the private sector engages in partnerships.
The Corporate Stewardship Award recognizes businesses that integrate economic performance with a sustained contribution to community and social progress, according to the BCLC, an affiliate of the U.
As part of the certification process, BCLC signed an agreement with FEMA to install a 50kW emergency generator financed by FEMA loans and some out-of-pocket cash.
OpenBet is the preferred supplier of national lotteries in North America providing the underlying technology for their online operations and as the primary online casino provider for BCLC, Loto-Quebec, Atlantic Lottery and most recently, Danske Spil in Europe.
The diagnosed incident cases of HCC are segmented by age (30--39 years, 40--49 years, 50--59 years, 60--69 years, and 70--79 years, =80 years), sex, BCLC stage at diagnosis, and comorbidity with HBV or HCV.