BCLIBritish Columbia Law Institute
BCLIBert Corona Leadership Institute (Washington, DC)
BCLIBluegrass Club of Long Island (New York)
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On the one hand, the BCLI proposed that mere knowledge or knowledge alone of a prior unregistered interest should not amount to fraud; on the other, defeating a prior interest of which one has actual knowledge should not be permitted because to do so would be unfair or unconscionable.
A 2010 report from the New Zealand Law Commission (NZLC) on that country's title registration legislation steers closer to the strict abolition of notice approach than the BCLI.
The courts in British Columbia have disagreed for decades about the statutory direction provided in the Land Title Act, so it is time, as the BCLI recommends, for legislative intervention.
65) See Gerald W Ghikas, "The Effect of Actual Notice Under The British Columbia Torrens System" (1980) 38 Advocate 207; BCLI Report, supra note 12.