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EDICT's vision is to provide horizontal solutions via FORMULA_ONE(TM), BCLM and EnterpriseEC(TM) as well as providing industry-specific value-added EC services to vertical markets via its vertical portals.
Originally opened on a permanent basis in 1978, the BCLM now has 150 attrac-tions, from its limekilns to large industrial and public buildings, shops, houses and canal features, trams and trolley buses.
The fish wasn't as good as at the BCLM, but it was still great to be able to sit on a wall next to a picturesque waterway eating a fish lunch before a family of watching ducks.
Mullins Yard is sandwiched between the BCLM and the Castle Hill scheme, the latter being an ambitious plan by St Modwen to redevelop the zoo and its surroundings which came in for criticism earlier this year for the slow progress on the site by Ian Walden, director of BCLM.
Mullins Yard, which currently consists of a former tannery building and derelict land, sits between the St Modwen site and the BCLM and will be redeveloped as a mixed use leisure, tourism and retail scheme.
This will replace an overspill car park currently used by BCLM on land earmarked for redevelopment as part of the Castle Hill scheme.
BCLM tickets tonight are at half price rates - adults PS7.
BCLM tickets are available at half price rates - adults PS7.
What always makes a visit to BCLM a real treat is the wonderful atmosphere and the terrific friendliness of the staff.