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BCLSBasic Cardiac Life Support
BCLSBurlington County Library System (New Jersey)
BCLSBoston College Law School
BCLSBrazoria County Library System
BCLSBritish Columbia Land Surveyor
BCLSBay County Library System
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These included 5 more outboard motors and extra fuel for the 8 BCLS long boats at Kapit to take the evacuees further upriver and 40 bags of rice to pay the boatmen and bearers, who were all RTC employees.
Cobbold, the only remaining BCLS employee in the group, decided to remain at Long Nawang, where numbers grew as others sought refuge there.
Norman Albert Lucas in Miri was the first BCLS employee to be directly affected by the war.
BCLS personnel, Charles Horn, Connup L Miles, Norman Lucas, and A.
As mentioned previously, the Sarawak Steamship Company was formed on 1 July 1875 under the management of shareholder BCLS with two steamships, the 212-ton burthen Royalist 2 and the 910-ton Rajah Brooke (Porritt, 2013:147).
This opened up a plethora of activities for BCLS and was replaced with Memorandum and Articles of Association on 14 August 1890 by Royal Act.
4) As covered in Part II of this series, BCLS built a sago refinery at Mukah that began operating in 1862, but a combination of unsuitability of the location for ocean-going vessels, falling prices and Chinese competitors, led to closure of the refinery in the early 1900s (Porritt 2014).
On indigo, there is no evidence that BCLS was involved in any way in the cultivation of plants from which indigo, a blue-colored dye is extracted, notwithstanding the statement in the LMA document quoted above.
In March 1879, BCLS was granted a fifteen-year monopoly of gold prospecting and the use of an ore crushing plant.
was acting contrary to a court settlement under which BCLS undertook to make belian waterways and a reservoir, while Shak Lung Mun could use the water flowing from the reservoir to the BCL's mining operations but was not allowed "in any way to divert the water.
The first manager of BCLS, he is credited with preparing the second map of Sarawak Proper, on which a map published by the Royal Geographical Society in 1881 is based.
30) Evidence of the calibre of BCLS personnel involved in this work are the contributions to the London Institution of Mining and Minerals by Messrs W.