BCMEBis(Chloromethyl) Ether
BCMEBeverage Can Makers Europe
BCMEBanque Commerciale pour le Marché de l'Entreprise (French: Commercial Bank for the Enterprise Market)
BCMEBest Communities for Music Education (survey)
BCMEBritish Congress of Mathematics Education (UK)
BCMEBattle Command & Mission Execution (subset of Future Combat Systems)
bCMEBovine Crushed Muscle Extract (cell proliferation)
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Now in its 16th year, the BCME program evaluates schools and districts based on funding, staffing of highly qualified teachers, commitment to standards and access to music instruction.
In past years a BCME designation has helped raise local awareness of quality music programs from coast to coast.
The degradation of S-2 to BCME and congeners, including bis-(chloromethylmethyl)ether (CMME), during the burning of mosquito coils is of particular health concern (WHO 1998a) because BCME may be the most potent lung carcinogen known (ATSDR 1989).
Next spring, 2015 BCME designees will be invited to participate in the second-annual, ' What Makes Music Education Great in My School' video contest, sponsored by the NAMM Foundation.
The BCME programme fits perfectly with our expertise in food and drink as we already work with one of the biggest food and drink manufacturers in the UK so are fully immersed in the industry.
For example, the medians of follow-up periods in the radon and BCME groups were 17 and 18 years, respectively; in contrast, the median follow-up period was only 4 years in the cytostatic drug group.
Gerald Bailey, BCME Executive Chairman, commented, "We are extremely pleased with the acquisition of the Caddo Parish leases.
The BCME program is one of the NAMM Foundation's foremost efforts to bolster support for school-based music education programs that must be available for all children.
The BCME program requires each school and district to detail the particulars of its access to music instruction.
Elsewhere, BCME has been working hard to educate consumers and businesses alike about the sustainable benefits of the beverage can and encouraging them to recycle more--metalmatters is one such example.
The projected announcement of the BCME final roster is Friday, April 10.
BCME believes it has found a message that works with consumers.