BCMTBerkeley Continuous Media Toolkit
BCMTBoulder College of Massage Therapy (est. 1975; Boulder, CO)
BCMTBusiness Continuity Management Team (various locations)
BCMTBoard Certified Massage Therapist (health professional)
BCMTB.C. Cheshire Motorcycle Training (UK)
BCMTBoard Certified Medical Thermographer
BCMTBlock Change Management Team
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A collaborative effort should involve patients, partners In particular, and the respective members from the BCMT.
The BCMT agreed to use evidence from research findings described by Osborne and Gardner (2010 p.
Despite the fact the initial project was funded by an external agency, the requirements of the hospital executive and BCMT had to be met in a timely and cost effective way so the long term goal of sustaining this program could be accomplished.
d) Follow up--carried out by the breast care nurse and included organising referrals, continuing patient education, advocating for patients at BCMT meeting's, ensuring there were no complications.
This tentative list was circulated to the members of the BCMT who were asked to mark items they wished to either retain or discard on the final checklist.
The new link-up reflected not only the emergence of a common foe -- booking offices running fifteen-cent cabs -- but also of a change in BCMT strategy.
The following April 30th, city council lowered the minimum rate to 45 cents for the first mile, the fare that had been requested by the Vancouver Taxicab Owners' Association and unenthusiastically endorsed by BCMT.
BCMT belonged to the latter, comprised (according to Bosley) of "the larger operators in the city of Vancouver.
BCMT identified Royal Blue as one of the "cutrate taxi companies" in 1932; it was "composed of associated drivers who [paid] a fee to a manager for advertising, telephone solicitation.
Working closely with the on-campus Office of Technology Licensing, BCMT is an integral part of the evaluation process for determining the potential of new technologies as the basis for a new business enterprise.