BCMVBean Common Mosaic Virus
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Because of difficulties in controlling TSWV vectors and the transmission of BYMV, BCMV and CMV by aphids in a non-persistent manner, these viruses can be responsible for the loss of up to 100% of faba bean crops.
To date, the complete genomes of over 50 different potyviruses have been sequenced, including the Type strain (NL1) of BCMV and some legume potyviruses recently re-classified as strains of BCMV (e.
Now, Stavely says, the goal is to provide breeders with new bean lines offering combined resistance to all strains of rust and all identified races of BCMV - something that hasn't been done before.
Silver Cloud has dominant I resistance to BCMV and complete resistance to CTV.
In addition, A 483, PVA 800A, MAM 48, EMP 476, and A 429 have the I allele for resistance to BCMV.
2003), BCMV and BCMNV (Drijfhout, 1978), common bacterial blight (Singh and Munoz, 1999), halo blight (Taylor et al.
Thus, in greenhouse tests, Almonga was resistant to BCMV (US-6 strain) and BCMNV (NL-3K strain) and was also resistant to races 1, 2, 5, 7, and 9 of P.
2003), the major thrips-resistance QTL was found in a region where a BCMV resistance gene (bc-3) and rust resistance gene (Ur-4) are also found.
1996) reported no gene pool or race specificity on the basis of marker surveys in a MA and Andean bean collection, and utility of their linked markers for Ur-3 and 1 for BCMV resistance across MA and Andean bean gene pools.
All three are resistant to BCMV (they carry the I gene) and rust.