BCNEBlastula Chordin- and Noggin Expressing (cellls)
BCNEBorzoi Club of New England (Lunenburg, MA)
BCNEBank of Canada Non-Energy (commodity price index)
BCNEBreezeCom Network Engineer
BCNEBusiness Clubs North East (UK)
BCNEBaptist Convention of New England
BCNEBlue Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania
BCNEBro Colwyn National Eisteddfod (UK)
BCNEblood culture negative endocarditis
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It is well known from relational database theory [13], that the schema R(A, B, C) is then in 3NE but is not in BCNE As a result, instances of R(A, B, C) have redundancies, but decomposition the schema into BCNF leads to two schemas RI(C, A) and R2(C, B), which are free of redundancy but do not preserve dependency A, B [right arrow] C.
The publication, the top in its field, quoted the average salary of those holding the BCNE designation as $146,250.
uk or contact Jessica Trotman at BCNE on (0191) 387-1924 or by email on info@bcne.