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BCNIBuff-Collared Nightjar (Caprimulgus ridgwayi)
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During the spring of 2000, BCNI held a CEO summit as part of its `Canada Global Leadership Initiative.
a BCNI paper presented at the summit acknowledged that Canada's performance in recent years was solid measured in terms of real growth in GDP, employment growth, low levels of inflation, improvement in fiscal position, foreign trade and direct investment performance, cost advantages as a place to invest, highly educated working age population, social infrastructure, environmental sustainability, and global competitiveness.
BCNI and its many industry association allies want significant reductions in corporate taxes.
14) These views echoed the BCNI findings, which also included concerns about the further erosion of decision-making in Canadian business.
Canada is a one-country issue -- the United States -- and the recent working papers released by the BCNI are no exception to this observation.
Extensive interviews with Canadian business and industry association executives on the question of the `US business pull' generally confirm the findings of the BCNI background papers, the Public Policy forum survey observations, and news media coverage of corporate head office transfers to the United States.
The person who founded the BCNI, Thomas D'Aquino, is a Canadian who believes in this stuff as fervently as anybody you would find at the Heritage Foundation or elsewhere in the United States.
We believe that the notion of free trade was first worked out by executives in the BCNI and James Robinson of American Express, and also the folks in the pharmaceutical industry who wanted to take clown Canada's patent regime, which gave more protection to the generics.
Additionally, Thomas D'Aquino founded the BCNI on the model of the U.
We had a decent anti-combines act that was replaced by an act that was written by the BCNI subcommittee on competition.
It is unlikely, however, that corporations would reduce their donations to think tanks, and it is almost certain that the big corporations would still think BCNI worth its cost.