BCNMBerkeley Center for New Media (University of California, Berkeley)
BCNMBaptist Convention of New Mexico (Albuquerque, NM)
BCNMBayer Center for Nonprofit Management (Robert Morris University; Pittsburgh, PA)
BCNMBurning Circle Notorious Monster (Final Fantasy XI)
BCNMBasket Club Narbonne Méditerranée (French basketball club)
BCNMBudo Club de Nantes Malakoff (French martial arts club)
BCNMBlue Care Network of Michigan (health insurance)
BCNMBarro Colorado Nature Monument (nature reserve; Panama Canal)
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En la muestra analizada, las bibliotecas que denotan un esfuerzo de combinacion de sistemas de navegacion son BHCE, BP y BCNM.
La posibilidad de sindicacion de contenidos (RSS) resulta aun limitada, ya que solo 3 sitios presentan esta opcion, ellos son: BCNM, BHCE y PR.
ar/ de la Facultad de Ciencias Naturales y Museo BCNM Biblioteca Conjunta http://www.
Biomass and allocation patterns were characterized for four herbaceous species common in the BCNM (see Plate 1): (1) Aechmea magdalenae (Andre) Andre ex Baker (Bromeliaceae), (2) Calathea inocephela (O.
Mature individuals of Aechmea, Calathea, Dieffenbachia, and Heliconia were excavated from natural populations located on the Gigante peninsula in the BCNM.
They take agouti, coati, collared peccary, and deer, but not red-tailed squirrels (Security Services of the BCNM, unpublished data).
The two remaining El Nino events, 1976 and 1982, corresponded to the two most severe dry seasons recorded for the BCNM.