BCOABituminous Coal Operators' Association (Washington, DC)
BCOABasenji Club of America (dog breed)
BCOABorzoi Club of America Inc. (Ohio)
BCOABeverly Council on Aging (Massachusetts)
BCOABerks County Office of Aging (est. 1974; Pennsylvania)
BCOABurnham Company of Archers (UK)
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Oliver Heyliger of Willis are key contacts to the steering committee that has been laying the framework for the BCOA in recent months.
Our elected officials in Washington talk a good game about sticking up for hard-working, responsible adults," BCOA president Bill Schreiber said.
At the expiration of the pact, each Alliance-member company could negotiate a new contract or adopt the terms of any newly negotiated BCOA contract.
The final agreement includes the employment security and medical benefits provisions of the interim agreement, except where member companies elect to adopt the doctor copayment, drug copayment and generic substitution, pre-certification, and coordination of benefits of the BCOA agreement.
In addition to directing the UMWA's campaign to reopen the BCOA contract, Roberts and Tarley also pointed to these accomplishments since taking office in 1995:
1997 as part of a new five-year national agreement with BCOA.
The BCOA and UMW will establish a "Joint Interests Committee" to promote the development and use of UMW-mined coal.
At the time of settlement, the BCOA comprised only 32 companies, compared with about 130 at the time of the 1981 settlement.
Two of the six major operating subsidiaries of Hanson's Peabody Group are members of the multi-company BCOA bargaining group.
one of the BCOA companies, said it is "pleased with Judge Knapp's order" and that it "will begin the process of restoring a sense of law and order" to the coalfields.
After lengthy discussions with the FMCS and extensive consultations with the parties involved in the dispute, I have determined that negotiations between the BCOA and the UMWA would be best served by the appointment of a special mediator who brings additional status, ability and a special knowledge of the industry to the bargaining table," Labor Secretary Robert B.
Overall, some 17,000 UMWA-represented miners in seven states are on strike against BCOA member companies.