BCOFBritish Commonwealth Occupation Force
BCOFBedford Council of Faiths (UK)
BCOFBarracks/Company Operations Facility
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In his recently-published excellent BCOF overview, Travels in Atomic Sunshine, Robin Gerster records how Allan Clifton's unflinching reporting of rape earned him death threats, forcing him to go into hiding when his book was published.
Davies' approach to the subject of BCOF is not in the form of a personal memoir, but rather as a scholarly study.
Dimiter Dinev, Associate Professor in the Department "Financial Control" at The University of National and International Economy, named as the ACFE's Bulgarian representative, was instrumental in organizing the BCOF.
Over the next 6 months this was expanded to encompass many other display items relating to BCOF, the Korean War, Malayan and Borneo campaigns, Vietnam as well as Australian involvement in UN peace keeping operations in various countries including Cambodia and Somalia.
2) The frank discussions Alanbrooke had with his Australian counterparts centred around the refusal by the GOC of the British Indian Division to serve under Northcott, the BCOF Commander designate.