BCOSBroadcasting Corporation of Oyo State (Ibadan, Nigeria)
BCOSBernstein Coordination Site (Germany)
BCOSBicester Choral and Operatic Society (England)
BCOSBusiness Computer Operating System (Olivetti)
BCOSBusiness Customer Opinion Survey
BCOSBurke Computers Online Store (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
BCOSBasic Communications Officer School
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At a 4 mm BCOS the entire ~5 Ha and 32 Mt Southern Lobe (SW+SC+SE) has a grade of 1.
Such variables as the stroke survivor's age, gender, and functional disability and the caregiver's age, gender, and duration of caregiving were entered as independent variables in a stepwise linear regression analysis to examine their possible relationship, with the BCOS scores as the dependent variable.
In a standard multiple regression, only the stroke survivor's functional disability variable significantly predicted the perceived care-related life changes and explained 57% of the total variance, a large proportion of the variance in the BCOS scores.
BCOS involve challenges such as economic dysfunction, environmental problems, epidemics, famines, ethnic conflict, religious conflict, sub-state nationalist conflict, terrorism, and crime.
The range and frequency of BCOS OPS will likely increase.
This BCOS OPS category will not decrease in importance.
This BCOS OPS category is likely to increase in importance.
This BCOS OPS role is likely to increase as part of ADF planning for overseas operations.
These BCOS OPS will continue to be required and may gain recognition as an ADF mission in the force structure development process.
The increasing importance of BCOS OPS does not mean that traditional combatant operations are obsolete.
Several factors indicate that the ADF will increasingly prepare for and conduct BCOS OPS.
However, arguments against the increasing adoption of BCOS OPS have been raised within the policy, academic, military, social and legal spheres.