BCPSSBaltimore City Public School System
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Only 49 percent of BCPSS ninth-graders passed the Maryland Functional Math Test in 1998, compared to 55 percent in 1999.
The school-university partnership has been successful in large part because of the training Coppin faculty provide teachers, says David Stone, director of charter, new and community schools at BCPSS.
The RSI AVL system combines GPS, wireless communications, and computerized mapping software to provide real-time vehicle data to BCPSS operations and administrators.
The City of Baltimore's Department of Public Works Energy Conservation Office was instrumental in assisting BCPSS with development of the energy conservation contract.
NORESCO invested the necessary resources in order to make this happen, and we look forward to continuing to work with BCPSS in this partnership over the next fifteen years.
25 /PRNewswire/ -- The Baltimore City Public School System today announced the creation of a multi-year partnership with the Stupski Foundation designed to propel BCPSS into a high-performing school district that can improve academic performance for all children.
Both the Greater Baltimore Committee and the Presidents' Roundtable offered their continuing advice and guidance in helping to bring about the changes needed to strengthen the BCPSS financial structure.
With just over 180 elementary, middle and high schools in the system, BCPSS has met 21st century challenges with various significant initiatives, most noteworthy being the comprehensive high school reform program which will invest over $20 million as part of a five year reform effort, transforming nine large Baltimore City neighborhood high schools into smaller learning communities.
The convention will provide science teachers the unique opportunity to learn science content and pedagogy, and to network and share meaningful learning experiences with science educators from around the country," said Andrea Bowden, supervisor, K-12 Office of Science, Mathematics, and Health Education, BCPSS.
To support the efforts of science teachers attending the convention, Maryland Superintendent of Schools Nancy Grasmick, and BCPSS Chief Executive Officer Carmen Russo and Chief Academic Officer Dr.
The generous support of VH1 and TCI Communications of Baltimore helps us to restore instrumental music programs in our schools," said BCPSS CEO Carmen V.