BCQBusiness Communication Quarterly (journal)
BCQBike Culture Quarterly (UK; bicycling magazine)
BCQBible College of Queensland (Australia)
BCQBuilding Codes Queensland (Department of Infrastructure and Planning; Queensland, Autstralia)
BCQBlue Chamber Quartet (Germany)
BCQBoat Crew Qualification
BCQBritish Cycle Quest (UK)
BCQBureau du Contrôle de Qualité (French: Bureau of Quality Control; Luxembourg)
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The interview protocol was constructed specifically for this study and was intended to complement and expand on data previously gathered from the BCQ.
The AMR (approximately 5% acceptance rate), the BCQ (approximately 10-15% acceptance rate), and the JBL (approximately 25% acceptance rate) are friendlier to single authors than multiple authors.
The single author papers they write should be targeted towards the AMR and, BCQ if they write on business communication teaching related issues or business practice issues in its Focus on Business Column.
Additionally, for seven of the eight journals the multiple of authors' ratios exceeded the singles authors: JBL has 34 multiples to 13 singles; BCQ has 9 multiples to 21 singles; IJBPA has 25 multiples to 2 singles; SBAJ has 30 multiples to 5 singles; AMR has 14 multiples to 11 singles; IJER has 23 multiples to 3 singles; JAME has 21 multiples to 7 singles; and JBC has 12 multiples to 3 singles.
Further, the quantitative BCQ generated as part of the research described here (Seid et al.
This is something that the quantitative BCQ will measure.
The BCQ contains questions based on the 27 categories derived from the qualitative analysis.
Contractor address : Baena Casamor Arquitectes BCQ, S.
At the same time, QM, Sasol and BCQ will launch the Ilham Art Exhibition at MIA, which will be held from March 18 to 27.
At a press conference held yesterday at MIA, BCQ director Martin Hope told reporters that they would be covering a range of issues and some sessions would be dedicated to art.
If you would like to receive a copy of the prospectus for BCQ, please contact the Capital Markets Group at the American Stock Exchange at (212) 306-1659.