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Debt is below the median net of a large share held by the BCRA (17% of GDP) with negligible rollover risk and interest rates.
However, the problem faced by the BCRA differs from the problem studied by Sargent and Wallace in that the BCRA can issue interest-earning debt.
Like the problems we read about in the federally proposed AHCA and BCRA, HB1712 would have effectively decreased needed coverage while increasing the overall cost of care for many Oklahomans.
The BCRA slashes funding to pediatricians and children's hospitals providing those services.
While the BCRA of 2017 is not a law yet, it is likely to undergo quite a few changes as it goes through the Senate.
Health care under the proposed AHCA or BCRA would cost less, primarily because covered expenses would be dramatically reduced.
One provision in the BCRA would let a state waive the current Affordable Care Act coverage standards, such as the standards for the essential health benefits package, or list of services a solid individual or small-group major medical policy should cover.
Para obligar a todas las EFs a comenzar a recolectar datos y con el proposito de homogeneizar este proceso a efecto de que remitan esta informacion al BCRA para su analisis, se emite la Com.
With BCRA in place for about a year, the Supreme Court considered whether large soft money contributions had a corrupting influence or gave rise to the appearance of corruption in the McConnell (55) case.
In two earlier articles, (15) the authors examined issue ads on Milwaukee radio stations to empirically examine whether any changes in the use of the ads--or in the ads themselves--were visible as the changes in campaign-finance law brought about by the BCRA and then by Citizens United began to take effect.