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BCRABanco Central de la Republica Argentina
BCRABipartisan Campaign Reform Act
BCRABay Cities Racing Association
BCRABritish Cave Research Association (UK)
BCRABritish Columbia Rodeo Association (Canada)
BCRABritish Columbia Reining Association
BCRABritish Ceramic Research Association
BCRABeach Community Redevelopment Agency (Hollywood, FL, USA)
BCRABureau Centrale de Renseignements et d'Action (De Gaulle's Secret Intelligence Service)
BCRABay City Recreation Area (Michigan)
BCRABased on Criminal Report Affidavit
BCRABritish Columbia Registrars Association (Canada)
BCRABreast Cancer Risk Assessment
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are illegal under [section] 203 of BCRA if made from those
Politicians' disdain for the inflation issue (and their fear of political consequences if they openly admit responsibility) is not limited to the BCRA.
dissent maintained that BCRA is not truly a ban on speech, and defended
Following BCRA, the FEC considered whether to interpret BCRA as prohibiting domestic subsidiaries of foreign corporations "from making donations in connection with State and local elections.
It is virtually impossible to parse out the amount of money directed to trade associations for political advocacy given IRS reporting requirements, though a study by the Center for Responsive Politics indicates that the level of spending has more than doubled over each election cycle since the BCRA legislation was passed.
285) According to these Commissioners, Congress, in enacting the BCRA, "intended to broaden the reach of the Act beyond communications that contain express advocacy or its functional equivalent.
The BCRA provided that answer by essentially delegating to an independent commission the task of determining which bases to close based on an initial list formulated by the armed services and reviewed by the secretary of defense.
Since its introduction by ICAP and ICMAP in 2000, the BCRAs have gained increasing currency and prestige in the corporate world and played a key role in raising standards of financial and corporate reporting in the country.
The Supreme Court in the Citizens United case upheld the constitutionality of these BCRA disclosure provisions and, in so doing, recognized the basic right of citizens to know the sources of money behind campaign expenditures being made to influence their votes.
Consider just one example of the distortions that will follow: Political parties are barred under BCRA from soliciting or spending "soft money," funds that are not subject to the statute's disclosure requirements or its source and amount limitations.
La Raja contends that BCRA falls "within the same regulatory pattern of previous reforms" and "stresses a renewed emphasis" on voluntary, small contributions (p.
far as to decide BCRA challenges on the basis of the right to petition.