BCRIBirmingham Civil Rights Institute (Birmingham, Alabama)
BCRIBoole Centre for Research in Informatics (Ireland)
BCRIBeirut Center for Research and Information (Lebanon)
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This project opens the doors of BCRI to the world from which many will benefit," said Tom Hamby, president of BellSouth in Alabama.
Slightly more than two-thirds of the BCRI program staff are African American.
Regardless of status or previous training, on entering the organization all staff members participate in a required 40-hour in-service orientation to the BCRI model.
The BCRI serves as a museum of history from the 1950s and 1960s civil rights era, and as a historical reference of culture in Birmingham dating back to earlier 1900s.
Michael Gibson, Founder and Senior Consultant at BCRI.
Jonathan Goldman MD FACC, Executive Vice President of Strategic Development at ICON Clinical Research, commented, "The relationship between BCRI and ICON further enhances our scientific expertise and access to investigators.
In a previous study (Sept, 2005) BCRI researchers found that intravenous infusions of vitamin C were selectively toxic to tumor cells.
For years, researchers at BCRI have been recognized nationally and internationally for great strides in natural treatments, vitamin C research, and stem cell research.
Experts participating in the call will be prominent Civil Rights Activist and BCRI Lifetime Board Member, Reverend Fred Shuttlesworth; Dr.
The findings reinforce our goal and commitment to pursue cutting edge cancer research," added BCRI scientist and consultant, Michael Gonzalez, Ph.
This project will be under the technical guidance of Campbell Perry, Senior Engineer of the Clean Transportation Group of the Advanced Systems Engineering Section at BCRI.