BCRLBiomass Conversion Research Laboratory (Michigan State University)
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23] included 58 patients with BCRL to investigate the impact of Phase 1 CDT on the level of clinical depression.
A discomforting sense of pain that involves extremities of patients with BCRL may be the early indicator of increasing interstitial pressure associated with LE.
In conclusion, BCRL is a serious complication which may lead to symptoms such as pain, fatigue, depression, and eventual deterioration in the QoL.
The international recommended treatment of BCRL is CDT, which is implemented in most economically developed countries in Europe, the USA, certain Asian countries and Australia.
Various research studies have found that BCRL can develop at any time after breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.
Challenges facing the management of BCRL in South Africa
There are no official BCRL guidelines or protocols in the South African healthcare system.
Against this backdrop BCRL referral and management guidelines and other recommendations are proposed for South Africa (Tables 1 and 2).
or Little Rock, Arkansas, for the Marches for Life participate locally in the "Care-o-Van," jointly sponsored by BCRL and its neighboring Washington County counterpart.
Loving Choices, the local crisis pregnancy center, benefits from the support of BCRL members who participate in the local Life Walk banquets to fund its life-saving work.
BCRL is now developing a web site on which it can post the newsletters and other pro-life information.
Finally, BCRL has made an impact by soliciting support for pro-life legislation.