BCRRBayou City Road Runners (Houston, TX)
BCRRBattle Creek Road Runners (Michigan)
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Bureau of the Census, 1998); Urban Institute tabulations of 1993 BCRR data and HCFA-2082 data.
However, BCRR data from prior years (not presented here) shows that the actual average number of enabling services per user provided before the demonstration was quite low in Tennessee.
CHICAGO -- Fitch Ratings assigns the following ratings and Rating Outlooks to BCRR Trust 2009-2, additional resecuritization pass-through certificates, series 2009-2:
The ratings reflect the contribution of additional collateral to the BCRR Trust 2009-2 that closed Aug.
NEW YORK -- Fitch Ratings rates BCRR Trust 2009-2, resecuritization pass-through certificates, series 2009-2, as follows:
CHICAGO -- Fitch Ratings rates BCRR Trust 2009-1, Resecuritization Pass-Through Certificates, Series 2009-1, as follows: