BCS3Battle Command Sustainment and Support System
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This exclusive reliance on Excel for logistics status reporting provided an opportunity to observe the effectiveness of logistics tracking without BCS3.
Commanders, field-grade officers, and senior NCOs must participate in BCS3 implementation plans to foster its integration into the unit and ensure that the system meets its full potential.
Based on these inputs, BCS3 generates and disseminates near-real-time CSS command and control reports and responses to CSS-related ad hoc queries, updates its database (every 3 hours on average), and provides CSS battlefield functional area information in support of ABCS's common operating picture of the battlefield.
Before deploying, the BCT command had emphasized the use of BCS3 as the Army logistics management system.
In 12 to 18 months, there should be a common data environment that will have a common portal with single sign-on that will present a common operational picture driven by BCS3 and a Single Mobility System.
All Army Battle Command Systems are available for training at the MTC--FBCB2, AFATDS, BCS3, DCGS-A and CPOF, to name a few.
BCS3 is an end-to-end cargo and equipment tracking management system.
BCS3 fuses sustainment, in-transit visibility and force-level information to provide a visual logistics picture of the battlefield that helps commanders make decisions at all levels.