BCSDBakersfield City School District
BCSDBusiness Council for Sustainable Development (United Kingdom)
BCSDBethlehem Central School District (New York)
BCSDBrocade Certified San Designer
BCSDBlaine County School District (Idaho)
BCSDBedford Central School District (Bedford, New York)
BCSDBall-Chatham School District (Illinois)
BCSDBexar County Sheriff Department
BCSDBay City School District (Bay City, Michigan)
BCSDBattle Command Support Division (Headquarters, United States Army Europe)
BCSDBay County Sheriff's Department
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Once the recommendations are ready, the UAE BCSD will work with government agencies in sectors such as transport and construction to implement industry-wide standards, he added.
With the support of the UAE BCSD, which is the regional network partner of the WBCSD, the Vision 2050 Arabia project will enlist Gulf-based businesses in developing a sustainable road map for the private sector in the region.
The BCSD database of synergy opportunities developed from all BPS regional projects is used to supplement discussions and help identify potential synergies.
Other nations have also seen the benefit; similar programs now exist in the United Kingdom (the National Industrial Symbiosis Program, a government-funded national synergy program based in Birmingham, which was inspired and encouraged by the BCSD synergy networks), Japan (the Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology), and elsewhere.
Teachscape Learn will also be instrumental in helping BCSD create a district-wide professional development library of best practice teaching videos.
These agreements hold tremendous value for companies committed to sustainable development as a part of their business strategies," said Andrew Mangan, US BCSD executive director.
With the addition of BCSD and NCSD makes the State of New York the current leader in School Recycling of cafeteria polystyrene using the unique IFS system," stated Harvey Katz, CEO of International Foam Solutions, Inc.
The BCSD is a small school district with only three schools and 1,500 students but is in an area where the local officials want to put into practice what they teach about the environment.
Initiated by TERI, the BCSD has now evolved into a strong industry body of 76 corporate members from diverse sectors across India.
David Middleton, the CEO of BCSD UK, said: "We have found in Nottingham a city that already has a track record of doing a lot of things in terms of sustainability.
As part of the project, CSUB faculty will offer training to BCSD preschool teachers.
The BCSD expects a strong turn out from business leaders to join in developing an action plan that will advance sustainable development in North America.