BCSRBahrain Center for Studies and Research
BCSRBureau of Crime Statistics and Research (Australia)
BCSRBranch Customer Service Representative (job title)
BCSRBilingual Customer Service Representative
BCSRBasic Commercial Security Requirements
BCSRBone-Contacting Surface Ratio
BCSRBlock Compressed Sparse Row (matrix)
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The first one is organising the dissolving of the BCSR and all the money and physical issues involved.
BCSR board of trustees chairman Dr Mohammed bin Jassim Al Ghatam said the project was part of an EU research and development programme aimed at increasing the exchange of research, knowledge technologies and expertise.
Professor Al Zubari was joined on the podium yesterday by Japanese Ambassador Hideo Sato, JCCP managing director Morihiro Yoshida and BCSR secretary general Dr Abdulla Al Sadiq.
During this time, BCSR researchers will contact and question 150 Tamkeen beneficiaries who have utilised the different components of the EDS scheme such as the Business Development Scheme co-financing option that helps SMEs to acquire updated management practices and business information systems and the Technical Assistance Programme which helps SMEs to acquire the best modern technology and upgrade production resources.
It has been held annually since 1992 beginning in Japan and then GCC countries hosting it in a different country each year, said BCSR secretary-general Dr Abdulla Al Sadiq.
The seminar is aimed at studying India's successful experience in fighting marine piracy, said BCSR board of trustees chairman Dr Mohammed Al Ghatam.
BCSR, the Internet Entertainment Network, Will Continue to Trade on OTCBB
Changes Ticker Symbol to BCSR SFM056 06/12/2006 08:30 r f CA-Netflix-Monster (LOS GATOS) Netflix Launches Banner Advertising On Its Web Site With Exclusive Campaign For Sony Pictures' 'Monster House' TO197 06/12/2006 08:30 r f Spectral-settles-debt (TORONTO) Spectral announces settlement of $10 million debt TO201 06/12/2006 08:30 r f Hummingbird-L-3-Comm.
BCSR studies assistant general-secretary Dr Abdulrahman Musaigar said the study showed that awareness about choosing healthy options was still low among shoppers.
The four-pronged report outlines Bahrain's future strategic vision, highlighting internal and external policies," BCSR board of trustees' chairman Dr Mohammed Al Ghatam said.
The BCSR questioned around 300 people from a wide cross-section of society aged 17 to 50.
BCSR fisheries studies head and programme co-ordinator Dr Ebrahim Abdulqader said Green turtles were usually found dead on Bahrain's shores because of shrimp trawl nets.