BCSTBoard on Chemical Sciences and Technology (Washington, DC)
BCSTBachelor of Computer Science and Technology
BCSTBattle Command and Staff Training
BCSTBiodynamic Craniosacral Therapist
BCSTBusiness Customer Service Team (Exelon Corp.)
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One of the early events is the mission event list (MEL) development conference, at which the DEF unit provides input for the BCST scenario.
For an engineer brigade, the typical sequence of post-mobilization BCST events is three days of MDMP training, followed by two 3-day CPXs and an 8-day MRX.
Battle command tasks are common to any field unit, and 3d BCTB can provide BCST under any circumstances.
The four day BCST ended in a formal After Action Review process facilitated by the 1/4/75th.
DSC G7 staff and 1/4/75th continue to improve and plan the BCST program as a primary tool in exercising unit command staffs in the MDMP process.
Since its creation, the NSC worked with numerous agencies and program managers to transition BCST and ensure mutual capability refinement.
BCST enables units to conduct battle staff training on ABCS command and control systems via internal resources with minimal setup time and effort and facilitates collective and individual staff training (sustainment and refresher) for specific sections or entire staffs, from battalion through U.
BCST is a training program that operates on standard personal computer systems with Microsoft Windows XP and is applicable to both Active and Reserve Component (AC/RC) units, as well as Battle Command Training Centers (BCTCs).
BCST has tremendous potential for any Army battle staff, especially for brigade and battalion levels.
In the spring of 2005, the 455th was notified that it would participate in a BCST exercise the following spring.
In this BCST scenario, the corps assigned typical missions to the 455th: establish hasty and detailed decontamination sites, emplace Biological Integrated Detection System (BIDS) arrays at specified locations, and conduct a large-area smoke operation.
After deducting the pay down of note, funding commissions and other costs of the equity and debt transactions, BCST received approximately $6.